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Top Tips on How to Stay Prepared for a Spontaneous Trip

Jetting off on a vacation that you’ve planned and been looking forward to for six months is one of the best ways to get away.

The other, better way to travel for many is a super spontaneous trip with no plans made (and they are, most of the time, budget-friendly, depending on your style of vacation). Traveling on a whim can cut out the hassle and stress of planning for months, making it a great way to let your hair down.

Here are a few top tips on staying prepared for a spontaneous trip.

Keep on top of the laundry

Thinking about chours may be a boring way to start, but it is a golden top tip to keep your laundry clean. It’s not just for an organized life, but having everything fresh, clean, and put away is exactly what you need when you need to pack a bag quickly to get on the road.

Take advantage of self-storage or storage units

To keep things organized, make sure any extra or personal items that you want to be kept safe are stored in self-storage or storage units at places such as storagearea.com

This can be a great investment when you are traveling or even as some extra space when you are preparing to be prepared. This is because not only can you get peace of mind when you’re away, knowing that your valuables are safe, but you could use this as an opportunity to declutter, have a tidy up, or make your home essentials relevant to the seasons.

Make a list of dream destinations

Every time you spot somewhere you would like to go, whether that be in a travel magazine, online, or on a billboard, jot it down on the notes on your phone. That way, when you fancy taking a quick trip, you can choose from your desired destinations.

Or if you are really into the element of surprise, make a game of it. Write out a couple of holidays, whether it be beach vacation spots, city, or snowy breaks, mix them up in unnamed envelopes and pick and choose when you’re ready to go.

Keep your eye on last-minute discounts

If you are indecisive, let the money do the talking. Check out sites such as Groupon or lastminute.com as they have sections purely for travel, which range from short weekend trips to long haul travel for fairly low prices.

Another way to keep the costs low is by checking out comparison sites such as Skyscanner or Farecompare. This way, you’ll always get the best value out of your money.

Put some money aside each month

There is no way to travel the world without the funds to do it. Setting aside $50-100 a month will set you up with a little stash for any off the cuff trips. Keeping it in a savings account may be the best idea for putting money aside, as you can keep track of where it is, how much you have, and could potentially earn a little extra through interest.

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