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Things to Consider Before Starting Your Travel Blog

Love to travel? Fancy yourself a story-teller who could rack up the blog views? Great. All you need is a travel blogging site and quality content. Easy. Off you go.

In fact, it’s not that easy. There are many things to consider before you could expect to stand shoulder to shoulder with some of the more well-known travel bloggers. Let’s take a look.

Mixed Media (especially video)

If you are starting a travel blog, you need to think about connecting with your audience through mixed media, especially video (see this website for inspiration). Why do you need images and videos? If a picture paints a thousand words, a video paints ten thousand.

Video making software allows you to store and edit your work in one convenient centralized online program. The software will also help you to switch between file formats that are best suited for full-screen web publishing or mobile devices. If you’re not leveraging video making software to quickly and effortlessly create short films to accompany your blog, you’re missing a trick that the competition is already using to stay ahead of the pack.

You can even work with brand approved video templates when producing content in collaboration with other sites – appearing as a contributor on established travel blogs is a great way to introduce yourself and your blog to a wider audience.

Set Out Your Stall (in the early days)

This is a tip that you would think would go without saying. But you’d be surprised how often people believe their scattered content across multiple themes is going to arouse the interests of a readership any broader than a few close friends.

Of course, you must vary your travel blog entries – nobody wants to read seven separate posts on the same restaurants along the same beachfront at the same Mediterranean family resort. But you should consider planning your content across themes for greater levels of audience engagement.

For example, instead of taking one-off trips and writing stand-alone blogs about your experiences, why not plan multiple trips over a period of time that can see you add many country-specific or region themed blogs to your travel site? You could even take several mini trips in one round of traveling and write about days out in different cities.

Don’t Give Up – Post Regularly – Join Groups

If you write one or two blogs and give up, you’ll never know what could have been. Post regular updates even if you haven’t been anywhere new. Blogs about travel planning and explaining your decisions to visit certain travel destination hotspots can be just as entertaining as reading about the actual trip.

You may also benefit from joining travel blogging groups. Not only is this a fantastic opportunity to fish for content ideas from some of the standout bloggers but you can make yourself known and even start to receive views and comments from your peers. Where you are being mentioned by other bloggers, you can hope to benefit from views and clicks from a shared wider audience.

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