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Running Your Business While Living As A Digital Nomad

The modern world has become increasingly connected due to the internet, smartphones, and mobile data technology that is becoming as fast as any traditional wired internet service. Also, lighter and more powerful laptops have made traveling while working far less difficult than it was in the past and these days you can easily start a blog or do complex computer programming or designing while on the go.

The concept of a digital nomad has become more common in the business world. A digital nomad is an employee or business owner who travels to various locations and works with his clients and coworkers entirely via the internet without being located in the same physical location as their coworkers, clients, and in some cases the business itself.

The freedom and excitement make being a digital nomad highly appealing. That being said it’s not easy and you can’t just jump into working like this if you’ve never done it before. If you’re looking to work while traveling the following tips for being a digital nomad can certainly help you in your goals.

Tips For Running Your Business While Traveling

While the idea of being a digital nomad is exciting you still need to work and the unique challenges of not being in the office every day quickly become apparent. These tips can help you succeed in business despite your physical location always changing.

  • Be Upfront: when dealing with employees and clients being fully transparent goes a long way. Be open about your business plans, goals, needs, and any issues that can arise while you’re traveling. This also helps prevent confusion when you are unavailable or between internet connections.
  • Timezones: depending on where and how far your travels take you timezones can quickly become an issue. When traveling you could be working with coworkers in a different time zone or several different ones simultaneously. Always know what your local time is in comparison to the people you’re working with for the purposes of projects and virtual meetings.
  • Automation and Tools: when traveling it can be difficult to do everything by hand and this is where automation comes in, by automating common tasks you free up your time and also keep basic tasks working even if you are not available. Tools are important in that you should always have backups. You may not have access to the specialized software on your home or office PC so always have an alternative you can access no matter where you are.
  • Schedules: keeping a constant schedule is key to your business success. Keeping a schedule is a challenge when traveling however, doing so keeps you working on projects in a consistent and predictable way. A schedule also prevents you from becoming distracted, working inconsistent hours, or not getting enough sleep.

Things To Look Out For

Even after you have a successful business things can change and new challenges can arise. You may not encounter all of the following issues but by being aware of them you can be better prepared to face any challenge head-on.

  • Internet Stability: when traveling consistent and speedy internet is not always guaranteed and in many countries, internet services can be wildly unpredictable. You will have to be aware of local WiFi, possibly have a cellular option as a backup, and always be sure to stay in hotels with internet access.
  • Keeping Things In Balance: traveling while running your business can be challenging as you try and balance work with taking in the sites, having a good time, and just getting from place to place. By balancing work and fun you can keep things from becoming overwhelming.
  • Keeping Focused: as with any job you have to stay on top of your work even when traveling. However, this can be a challenge especially if you’re traveling to a country you’ve never been top or are in close proximity to interesting activities. That being said sometimes you have to be willful and stay focused on your essential work tasks, a schedule can help with this.
  • Your Own Personal Views: finally, always remember your views on traveling and working can change especially if you work while traveling for several years or do it often. It may not always be exciting or exhilarating and sometimes work is just work no matter where you are. It’s important to remember these feelings are natural and can change depending on where you are in your life and career.

Final Thoughts

As the above shows, it is entirely possible to be successful at running your business while traveling. But to do so requires careful planning, discipline, the right tools, being aware of any issues that can arise, and keeping a focus on professionalism no matter where you are. If you are willing to devote the effort working while traveling the world can be uniquely rewarding.

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