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How to save money with your flooring

A new floor means more money to spend. So, if you’re always looking for ways to save the pennies where you can, there’s certainly ways you can do this with flooring that you might not have even realised.

Make sure it is appropriate for the room

Although this might sound obvious, different types of flooring are certainly more suited to different rooms. For example, you’ll need something more hard-wearing in the kitchen than the guest room, as it tends to experience higher foot traffic. You might find that if you go for a material that isn’t as hard wearing in a room that has lots of usage, then it’s much more likely you’ll need to replace it sooner. As well, consider rooms that are likely to experience the danger of stains and scratches, so opt for a floor which isn’t susceptible to these.


It goes without saying that if you get a floor that’s a good insulator then you’ll almost certainly notice a difference in your heating bills. Solid and engineered wood is renowned for this, particularly when paired with a good quality underlay. Although wood flooring’s price tag might be off putting to start with, it often ends up paying for itself. If you have under-floor heating, be aware that solid wood isn’t compatible with it whereas engineered wood is. Again, under-floor heating is a much more energy efficient way of heating your home, so bear this in mind when picking your new flooring.


It’s no secret that doing it yourself will save you a lot of money. If your flooring is very difficult to install then make sure to use A+ Construction & Remodeling  to have the perfect finished product. If it isnt,  why not try it yourself? Typically, flooring planks are available in two different joining methods, Tongue & Groove and Click, with the latter being the easier of the two to fit, as the planks simply click together. There are also a number of different laying methods, including floating, nailing and gluing, with each one having its benefits and limitations.

Always do a price match

Like anything expensive that we purchase, always shop around so you get the best deal. For example, you might not need the all the added benefits SPC Vinyl or engineered wood comes with and a cheaper alternative will do the job just as well. Assess your needs and then you don’t end up paying for something you don’t necessarily need!

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