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Guide to Finding A Spania Leiebil Service 

Packing your bags to visit your dream destination this holiday season? If Spain’s on your bucket list, here’s your chance to enjoy your drive on the winding roads on the hypnotic lands. All you need is a car of your choice and your exhilarating spirit to zoom around this European country. 

Hiring a vehicle in Spain isn’t an arduous task. With myriad providers reaching out to tourists and their residents, you may find more rental options than you can imagine. 

It is always better to hire a car from a reliable service provider for safety and comfort. Top-rated websites such as spanialeiebil.no make your search for a trustworthy car rental service easier. Such sites work as a one-stop destination, allowing customers to compare prices from top companies before hiring. 

Of course, you can use public transport to explore the picturesque terrain. If you are planning to rent a car in Spain, here are a few handy tips that can help. With the keys in your pocket, you can simply hop on and off the vehicle to tread the beaches, mountains, or plains on wheels at your, all at your whim and fancy. 

The vehicle type and size

So, if you are ready to move around in a rented car, you can choose from an array of manually driven cars provided by reputable agencies. Yes, most of them have a stick shift to gear up and down. Well, if you want to drive automatic cars, not that you can’t find one., but you may have to pay more for hiring a luxury vehicle.

Cars come in a plethora of models and it isn’t difficult to find a model that suits your preference and purpose. While the make, design, and features do make a difference, you must not forget to consider the size of the vehicle when renting one. It should be large enough to accommodate all the passengers along with their luggage.

Whether you are on a vacation with your family or on business travel, you can rejoice in the comfort and convenience of moving around in a personal car. 

Your destination

The destination you plan to head to is an important factor to be considered when deciding on car size. While the bigger cars may not pose many difficulties on highways and bigger cities, it will be better to opt for a smaller vehicle to traverse through the Spanish country roads. The quaint village roads may not be wide enough for a big vehicle as most of them are built to allow two-way traffic.

Vehicles that provide plenty of space for at least 4-5 passengers, offer ample luggage space, and are easy to park on the streets make a good choice. Many of the historic cities in Spain with narrow streets aren’t equipped to accommodate parked cars. Moreover, you may want to park your vehicle closer to your hotel. 

Find out more about some of the exotic locations in Spain that you can add to your to-visit list at https://www.quora.com/What-are-the-best-cities-to-visit-in-Spain

Fuel policy

When renting a car make sure to check the fuel policy. Most rental agencies provide the vehicle with a full tank of fuel and want it to be returned in the same condition while others

may give it to you with a full tank and take it when the tank is almost empty.

Make sure you get the insurance 

When renting a car in Spain, make sure that your agency makes provision for insurance. Scratches, dents, and dings in the hired vehicle may cost you more. It isn’t uncommon to spot cars with damaged bodies around in Spain. The bumpers, front and rear mirrors are susceptible to on-road damage. Hence, it would make sense to check for insurance options and read the document carefully to decide what works best for you. 

Terms and conditions 

Your contract may have a list of terms and conditions. You must read through those carefully before signing the contract. If you aren’t sure about something, seek clarification from the agency. 

Ask questions and have everything in writing. Spelling out every detail in the contract reduces ambiguity and keeps nasty surprises at bay. 

– Will the agency provide for an additional driver in case the appointed person fails to arrive? 

– Is there insurance included in the contract or will you need to pay for it separately?

– Is there any roadside assistance arrangement available in case of accidents or other problems. 

– Do they charge extra for pick-up and drop?

– Is there a policy for theft protection? 

– What are the terms for cancellation or changes in reservation?

Self-drive policies 

If you are looking forward to self-driving in Spain, you need to know the law. A top-rated agency should brief you on the driving rules and regulations. According to the existing law across Spain, you need to either have a driving license issued by the EU or an international driving license. Your agency must have this documented under its terms and conditions section in the contract. 

Depending on the location of pick-up, you may be asked to show your license. Having an international driver’s permit can make things smoother. Although the minimum legal age for driving in Spain is 18 years, most car suppliers require a minimum age of 21 to rent out their cars. 

Do check with your agency if any ‘young driver fee’ applies to drivers under the age of 25 years. Similarly, drivers between 65 years and 75 years may need to purchase the full insurance directly from the rental company. 

For how long can you rent a car in Spain? 

Most reputable companies in Spain allow customers to rent a car for 28 days. This may also include daily limits for the insurance coverage. Some companies may rent for a longer period. However, anything beyond that period may cost you a higher rental every day. You should read the fine print before finalizing the contract. 

Among some of the benefits of renting a car in Spain include your flexibility to travel. With a vehicle parked outside your lodge, you can simply hop out of bed, start the engine and set off to the desired destination hassle-free. Many tourists expressed that renting a vehicle in Spain to move around was a better option than using means of public transport. 

A reputable rental agency will never misguide you and may also share a few tips on traveling comfortably around the country. With a vehicle by your side, you don’t have to think twice about reaching a specific destination. Villages and towns, where it is difficult to find a means of public transport, are accessible in a rented car. Also, if your mind suddenly wants to take a detour, you’ll have nothing to lose!

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