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Give The Gift of Experiences This Year

“Give stories, not stuff!” This is the slogan of Tinggly, a company who are completely revolutionizing the way in which we give gifts to our loved ones, and they have created an innovative and exciting way in which people can go about buying gifts. Buying gifts isn’t always easy of course, you have to weigh up what kind of things the person may or may not like, run the risk that someone else has bought it for them or that they have it already. To remove all risk of getting an unwanted gift, here is why you should look into what Tinggly are doing.

How it Works

Tinggly works by selling experience packages which you will buy and then deliver to the person who you are buying for. Each of these packages falls into a certain category, and within that there are hundreds of experiences around the world which the recipient can choose from. Let’s imagine that your looking a Mother’s Day experience gift for this month, you can find gifts for her and specific gifts for mothers, and within those gift boxes there is a multitude of great experiences to choose from.

Half a Decision

What is great about this is that you only need to make half the decision as to what you are going to buy, and then within that they will be able to make a choice. For example if you like the idea of buying someone a weekend away then you can get a package which offers many different 3 day weekend trips. All you need to do is identify what kind of gift you want to get, and they can choose the rest. What this means for you is that like a gift card, you are giving the recipient the choice, unlike a gift card however it is very clear that you have put a great deal of thought into this gift.


The range of choice which you have available on this site is incredible and no matter if you are looking for trips to Thailand, a Game of Thrones tour in Croatia or perhaps even a bit of whale watching in Iceland. This is just a very small example of the range of activities which you can choose from, there are also more local experiences like food tours and sporting activities like bungee jumping and driving days.


These are gifts which have no time limits on them which means no more missing out on fun through poor planning. Gifts from Tinggly are also available all over the world, they are friendly on the planet too given the reduction in the use of plastics and as if that wasn’t enough, they also have a lifetime refund policy so that if you do slightly miss the mark with your gift, the recipient will be able to return it for something that they are going to enjoy more.

Whether you are looking for a mother’s day gift, a birthday present or a romantic gesture for your partner, this is one of the best ideas for doing just that.

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