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Choosing a Place to Stay Around the World

Choosing a Place to Stay Around the World

Traveling is an adventure.

Sometimes adventures can take you to the most rugged corners of the world or to do something more relaxed and luxurious. It really all depends on your current flavor of travel.

For those who travel less frequently, it would make sense to take your stays around the world at a more leisurely pace. For the rest, it may be more common to take the beaten path every once in a while.

I like both. Sometimes I like to travel in both luxurious fashion or sometimes take the road less traveled.

Staying in Dubai

When you think about Dubai, you probably think: FLASHY.

After all, this place is renowned as the height of luxury. It would only make sense to wear designer clothes and eat food covered with 24k gold while you’re there. Kidding of course.

However if you do find yourself here, it’s not a place iconic to the backpacker or hostel wife of life. I’m all about swimming up the current. But there’s really no need for that here. You might as well find nice hotels to stay in.

  • Burj Al Arab – This is the most luxurious hotel to stay in Dubai. It has won awards such as UAE’s Leading Hotel Award and Five Star Award from the Travel guide division of Forbes.
  • Shangri-La Hotel – This 302 room hotel is also branded for its luxury. Within it you can find a selection of 7 different restaurants. Be sure to try the award winning Shang Palace. Here you can choose from a Chinese dish selection of Peking duck to Cantonese dim sum.

There are plenty of other hotels to choose from here. Travel Mocha, a leading travel website dedicated to creating authentic content primarily for Dubai and Mexico has other accommodations that may be better suited. For instance you can find tips for what Dubai hotels allow unmarried couples as well.

Staying in Brazil

Brazil has been an ongoing favorite country of mine. Although I’ve only been there once – for a month – it is a place that has a grip on me.

It is less brandable for luxury than Dubai, but you can still have nice stays there. For instance the Copacabana Palace is one such luxury stay in Rio de Janeiro. This hotel looks like a palace from the front, and has an excellent direct ocean side view.

Another option for accommodation are the hostels here. Although hostels come a dime a dozen, I would suggest one that usually has a consistent theme for quality.

Selina is a chain of hostels that is world renowned. Usually they have a place to cowork as well. The Selina located in Rio de Janeiro is an example of such. It also has a rooftop restaurant bar that has a direct ocean view. I would recommend this for a budget traveler as well as for someone that can splurge – mostly for the experience hostels can bring over hotels.

Staying in Bogota

When people think about Colombia, usually it’s Medellin that comes to mind. After all it is the digital nomad paradise. Bogota is usually overlooked.

If you plan on staying in Bogota, I would suggest staying in Zona T. This is a good place to be if you’re only in Bogota for a short time – days or a few months. Here you can find an assortment of places you can stay.

A common hotel chain local to Colombia is the Click Clack Hotel and the Dann Carlton. Both of which can be found in Bogota. They are not the height of luxury but it is a good comfortable stay for the mid-budget traveler.

Alternatively, you can also opt for hostels as well as shared AirBnBs in the area.

I’ve done both hotel and shared stays in this city. For me, I preferred shared stays because of all the potentially interesting people you can meet here. 

Staying Mexico City

This is another city in which there is another Selina hostel you can stay at. It’s nice because it’s centrally located where you can see all the different tourist destinations within walking distance.

Selina in Mexico City is located at Centro Historico (Mexico City’s downtown). It is within walking distance of many different museums, archaeological sites, and cathedrals. I would recommend checking this place out if you’re in Mexico City and if you have time also see other neighborhoods like Condesa or Roma.

I’ve stayed in many different parts of Mexico City. I’ve personally enjoyed my stay in the Condesa or Roma area the most. Here you can find hotels like, Hotel DF Condesa, which is another iconic hotel you might have seen in popular media.

Else, like with any other city, you can opt for an AirBnB to stay in.


If you’re a budget traveler, or splurge traveler you can find many different ways to stay around the world.

I would just suggest mixing it up every once in a while. You never know what kind of adventure awaits when you go off routine. Happy travels!

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