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CBD Oil for ADHD: Can It Treat Symptoms and Is It Safe?

Cannabidiol, popularly known as CBD, is extracted from cannabis plants. It rose to popularity due to its ability to treat anxiety and sleep disorders. Researchers now say that CBD oil can offer much more than that and can be helpful in curing multiple health conditions.

Though CBD oil has been a huge success in treating a myriad of health conditions, researchers are working to understand its impact on neurological conditions. There are claims that CBD oil can help reduce the severity of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), but there are no conclusive studies in this yet.

It is also important to understand any legal implications, if any, of using CBD in your region and consult your doctor before substituting the recommended ADHD treatments with CBD.

Here we discuss whether CBD can be used to cure ADHD and whether it has any risks or side effects.

What is CBD?

CBD is one of the hundreds of chemical compounds found in the cannabis plant. When cannabis is mentioned, people often associate it with ‘getting people high’ when smoked or ingested. The compound responsible for that is tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which is usually separated from CBD oil. This means that you cannot get high from using CBD oil.

There are various health problems that CBD can treat. Sports injuries, sleep disorders, and anxiety are amongst these problems. The manner in which CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid system has led to suggestions that it can treat ADHD. So can CBD help ease the symptoms of ADHD? Why not find out more in this article.

Can CBD oil help cure ADHD?

Currently, there is barely enough scientific proof on the effects of CBD on ADHD. Most of the studies that have been conducted on ADHD treatment have largely focused on cannabis, which contains a hundreds of compounds rather than CBD itself.

However, there are claims that those suffering from ADHD that have used CBD have shown signs of easing some symptoms like hyperactivity and restlessness. As a result, many people have recently started using CBD as one of the medical components to treat ADHD.

Effects of CBD oil on ADHD symptoms

ADHD can make people have anxiety, restlessness, hyperactivity, and impulsive behaviors. While CBD may not be a standard treatment for ADHD, it can be quite helpful in treating symptoms like anxiety. When people suffering from ADHD get anxiety, the other symptoms worsen. CBD can be used to treat anxiety, meaning that all other symptoms do not get worse.

A study conducted in 2016 claimed that that CBD can treat anxiety and sleep disorders in children, backing up earlier reports over the topic. However, researchers are still working on this for conclusive evidence.

In a study carried out in 2013, researchers found out that the use of cannabis can help people with ADHD struggling with impulsiveness and hyperactivity.

Possible side effects

Different people respond differently when they ingest CBD. The most common side effects include nausea, drowsiness, and headaches if you consume a bigger dose. You can also have some irritation in your lungs if you smoke or vape CBD.

Is it safe?

There is currently no proof that CBD use is harmful to the body apart from the short-term side effects listed above. It is, however, recommended that you seek the doctor’s advice if you are going to use CBD, especially for ADHD treatment.


CBD has potential to treat ADHD and other conditions going by the studies done, although more research is still ongoing. But you should consult your physician before using CBD products as well as buy them from approved and trusted vendors.

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