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Best Tips for International Shipping Services

With the continual expansion of the global markets, international companies are facing intense challenges and problems such as constant changes in shipping regulations and custom taxes as required by the different countries, meeting the transit time, transportation of oversized equipment, and many others. International shipping of goods and products is no simple task as many issues can arise in times of emergency such as delay in shipment due to deviations from the normal route or changes in weather conditions.

Both small and large businesses face international shipping problems and issues. International packages face the same dangers e.g. unforeseen high cost of delivery or undelivered packages. There is no right or correct solution for smooth international shipping, except for flexibility to avoid failures. In order for your business to thrive and succeed in the global market, there is a need for understanding the common problems and difficulties when doing business globally.

  • This is probably the top most encountered issue faced by most international companies unless you have a trusted and reliable international shipping company with the experience to provide good international shipping servicesin managing the cost and the complicated process related to customs clearance. On your own, it could be an overwhelming task but with the help of Shiply, you can start to receive personalized quotes from international shipping companies directly to your Shiply inbox. You can easily compare prices and contact individual shipping companies for further details.

Different countries have different regulations and tariffs on the goods and these have to be addressed in order to avoid your shipment being delayed or denied entry into the designated country. These could be caused by insufficient documents or information provided by the exporter regarding the goods such as certificate of origin, ingredients, weight, and etc. There is also the issues of unexpected increase of custom duties, health, or safety issues. By addressing these issues and having them all sorted out will help avoid late shipment or customers cancelling their orders.

  • Factors affecting shipping cost:

~ Distance travelled. The further the distance, is more fuel consumption.

~ Frequency of flights.

~ Number of routes available to the destination.

~ Increase in petrol price.

~ Faster shipping time means higher cost.

With the large choices of international shipping companies under Shiply looking for packages to fill up the empty spaces in their vehicles, you could enjoy cheaper than standard rates. All you have to do is fill out a simple form stating the size of your package, the pickup location and the delivery location and you will be able to browse international freight quotes provided with confidence.

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