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Advance lightning warnings can help save lives

Advance lightning warnings can help save lives

Some says that lightning is beautiful. Some says lightning is dangerous. What is lightning? Lightning can be seen as a bright flash and is followed by a loud thunder. It is a very quick electrical discharge that flashes down from the sky to the ground.

We do not know when a lightning is going to strike. We may be out walking in the park and we noticed that the sky is turning dark. We may think that we still have time since there is no sign of rain yet. There is no telling if a lightning is going to strike because there are cases of lightning even before the rain. The safest thing to do is to get into the car with the windows wind up or get indoors as soon as you see the dark clouds forming in the sky.

For people who spend a lot of time outdoor as a form of recreation or those who works outdoor, it is good for them to know about lightning safety rules. It is not always that people get struck by lightning but we do hear of people being struck by lightning and not survived. The cases of lightning strike victims surviving is very rare. Most lightning victims never expected to be struck by lightning and lightning strikes without warning. If only they were warned earlier, many would have stayed indoors and still live.

There are weather apps designed and equipped with lightning detection to warn of approaching thunderstorms besides providing current weather conditions with hourly updates. It can provide weather forecasts and severe weather warnings. These weather apps are connected to lightning networks. The weather app will pick the nearby thunderstorm and show you how far you are from the nearest lightning strike.

Installing a weather app in your phone will alert you with lightning sirens once lightning is detected within a certain distance from your location. With the lightning sirens, there is no need to frequently check your phone for lightning strikes. To stay on top of the weather, we can equip ourselves with a portable lightning sensor to provide us with advance warning of approaching lightning storms. These warnings are very useful for all outdoor activities. It is also good to be alert to the changing sky and cloud patterns because lightning can strike even when the sky is clear.

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