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7 Ways Technology Can Reduce Stress

In the fast-paced world, we live in, there are more things to stress about than before. It is essential for our health that we develop a balance between work, domestic, and social responsibilities.

With all the pressure most people experience in their daily life, it becomes almost impossible to unwind, even in your free time. A lot of focus has been put on technology, causing stress. This article, however, will look at some ways that technology can assist us with reducing stress.

Stress reduction will contribute to improved health and wellness. This, in turn, will give us the energy required to achieve a balanced lifestyle successfully. There are many online applications, games, and even online casinos such as JackpotCity, that can assist with stress reduction.

Using Technology For Entertainment

Most people are too tired to go out for entertainment, after a long hard day at work. Technology and stress can be seen as two concepts that affect each other either negatively or positively. Technological advancements have made it possible for you to enjoy various types of entertainment from home with a laptop or mobile device.

These forms of entertainment are mentally stimulating and can help distract you from the stresses of everyday life. The online entertainment world is constantly growing and developing. Its expansion is so rapid that experts such as Lucas Goldberg have built stable careers from them.


Technology Can Reduce Workplace Stress

Stress at work is very common. Administration, organization, and scheduling of meetings are tasks that were traditionally done on paper. Technology has allowed for these tasks to be digitized.

This reduces stress, as documents don’t need to be looked for or filed. Paper is also easily damaged, and important information is a susceptible loss. This problem is avoided when everything is done digitally.

Other ways that technology is used to reduce workplace stress are the increasingly popular Skype or Zoom meetings. These allow meetings to take place even if employees are remotely located.

Using Wearables And Health Apps

Health and fitness are important. With the fast-paced lifestyle most people lead, it becomes difficult to keep track of your daily health accomplishments. Fortunately, inventions such as the Fitbit can assist with tracking this for you. A wearable is sometimes referred to casually as a stress management device.

Certain phones track the number of steps taken each day. This type of health tracking device allows us to go about our day without stressing about our fitness and activity levels. It can add some excitement to cool hikes you take as you can record your progress.

Relaxation Apps

There are mobile apps that can be downloaded which facilitate feelings of relaxation and calm.

If you are feeling overwhelmed, there is an application to guide you through calming breathing techniques and relaxation exercises. There are also apps to assist you with de-stressing through yoga and 10-minute exercises.

Reminder Applications

It is easy to become so engrossed in our work, or so engaged in our activity that we forget about self-care. Some applications can calculate how much water we need to drink per day, to stay healthy, based on each person’s BMI.

The application will then remind you at regular intervals to drink water, and this will assist you in remaining hydrated all day.

Another example of a reminder app is those that keep you informed about upcoming birthdays and events. There are also reminder apps that pop up when you need to replace your groceries; reliance on these apps reduces stress levels.


Music And Inspiration

Music is a popular way for people to de-stress. Previously, it wasn’t easy to listen to music anywhere other than your home or your car. Technology has made it so that your music can be downloaded and stored on your phone.

With a set of earphones, you can listen to it almost anywhere. Many mobile devices are even equipped with an FM radio. For those who don’t enjoy music, there are podcasts. Here they can listen to inspirational stories and rejuvenate their spirits.


Being as busy as people are, it is easy to lose touch with friends and family. Social media allows you to reconnect instantly. Taking and sharing pictures with loved ones is quick and easy.

Social media assists us with removing the guilt associated with not spending enough time with people we care about. This guilt is a form of stress, and technology helps you overcome it.


Technology has changed the way we live our lives. If it is used wisely, it can contribute to you living a healthy, productive lifestyle. Technology can assist us in maintaining good health, as well as relationships that may have otherwise faded.

The benefits technology brings to our lives is dependent on each individual’s use of it.

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