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5 Occurrences of Vaping Taking Center Stage on TV

2 Broke Girls (Season 4, Episode 11)

2 Broke Girls has never exactly been cutting edge comedy, but the CBS show was on our screens for six seasons. During the 11th episode of the fourth, the characters made some lazy comments towards the CBD vape by CBD genesis.

The show was set in a diner, and during the episode concerned, there was an entire table of vapers blowing huge clouds that the girls picked up on and decided to joke about. As they were labeled, the “hipsters” were mocked for their vaping habits as 2 Broke Girls unhelpfully derided the act. Although we’ll give them some credit – instead of using traditional select CBD pen, the vapers in the show were using vape mods, which the audience may have picked up on.

Young Pope (Season 1, Episode 4)

Young Pope is an HBO show concerning Lenny Belardo, archbishop-turned-head-of-Catholic church played by Jude Law. Slightly bizarre, the show has caught the eye of many for its unique and unusual storylines.

Belardo certainly isn’t a traditional pope, and Pius XIII, as he is known, is often causing havoc among the rest of the Vatican for his questioning positions. At one point, the pope – yes, the pope – even doubts whether God is real!

So, how does vaping play into all of this? Well, it turns out that Pius XIII is a heavy smoker. While in many shows, this wouldn’t raise eyebrows, since this is the pope that we’re talking about, it’s a habit that draws much ire among his colleagues.

Indeed, Pius XIII seems to revel in the defiant act of smoking, and we see him doing it throughout the show. Although, at one point, the cardinals do attempt to get him to change his ways by offering the pope a CBD genesis cigarette. Unfortunately for us vapers, such a moment doesn’t garner the positive attention that we would have hoped for.

Jude Law’s character bats away the e-cigarette, claiming that they are “worse for you than the real thing.”

While it’s nice to see vaping is getting that additional recognition, we really could have done without this!

Deadliest Catch (regularly throughout)

The focus has been on fiction series so far, but Deadliest Catch, the fishing program which sees the world’s bravest fishermen head out to some of the planet’s most dangerous waters in search of epic catches, also has a close connection with vaping.

We were fishing for days, if not weeks on end in the middle of nowhere often leaves them searching for things to do. Hence many in the show smoke cigarettes to keep occupied. After Captain Phil Harris died from a huge stroke, one of the cast made the switch to vaping. We’d hope that there wasn’t a direct link here, although it’s not reaching to suggest there is.

The cause of the stroke was never officially linked to smoking. Still, Phil’s son Josh had changed to e-cigarettes pretty much straight away after becoming the new captain of the now-famous Cornelia Marie fishing vessel.

More Deadliest Catch

To stand out for smoking on a ship full of smokers took some effort, but Matt Bradley managed to do just that. Once a huge chain smoker, the Deadliest Catch star, did the vaping world a great service after dumping the cigarettes for vape oil.

Bradley has a big presence in vaping nowadays, owning a business and often showing up at conventions. An awesome voice, Bradley, is the sort of guy we want to see waving the vaping flag!

Z Nation (Season 2, Episode 4)

Zombie shows are all the rage, and Z Nation is one of the most popular. In season two, Vaping rocks up in episode four when two actors can be seen vaping on some older vaping equipment and some fancy modern gear. I guess if vaping can still survive in the perils of zombie domination, then we should easily be able to secure victory in our normal world!

Will we see more vaping on TV?

There’s an old saying that “all publicity is good publicity,” With vaping on television, we may just find out if it’s true. Let’s start with the positives. Calmly CBD is being on TV, It introduces it to an audience who may have been unaware, and even those who don’t vape or have an interest in it will become more accustomed to seeing it.

However, if portrayed overwhelmingly negatively, the downsides of vaping are going to be what sticks. Health groups across the land are always trying to attack vaping, and the last thing we need is to become a running joke on TV. If nothing else, people may just feel embarrassed to vape.

It’s likely going to be a case of “wait and see.” We’ll never be able to rely on TV shows to be a driving force for vaping, and nor should we – dramas are for entertainment, not education. But we can hope for acceptance and normalization.

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