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3 Great Ideas for Self Improvement

Everyone loves the notion of their best self – a version of you that has your dream job, runs marathons, eats only clean, green food and speaks three languages.

Of course, becoming that person is easier said than done. Leading a hectic modern life makes it hard to find the time for your new personal training schedule and super study regime whilst constructing the perfect CV for your future employer and lifting your way to 100kg.

But becoming your best self isn’t about setting unrealistic new goals. Instead, it’s about working towards the ones you already have in mind.

Whether you’re dreaming of changing your career, going travelling, or even just looking to broaden your horizons, these are just three self-improvement tips that will fit around your life and get you where you want to be.

1. Read more books

We all know that reading is good for us. It opens our eyes to new perspective and inspires us to consider new experiences. It can influence the way we think and who we are as people.

When it comes to books vs TV, it’s also proven as a better way to relax. It’s good for your blood pressure, stress levels and sleep pattern. Even fifteen minutes with a book before bed can help you drift off to sleep far better than mindlessly scrolling through social media.

So turn off the TV, put down your phone, and settle down with an old classic or brand new bestseller.

2. Exercise

Don’t panic! If you’re a regular couch potato, this might sound like your worst nightmare.

But easing yourself into a new exercise routine doesn’t have to be intimidating. Nor do you have to go all out on your first day with a 5km run that leaves you panting and in pain.

Start small – some light dumbbells to compliment simple exercises, or a ten-minute yoga routine can help you get started in upping your fitness and flexibility. Once you start building stamina, you can begin to push new goals, and you’ll feel more confident in trying new things.

Exercise won’t just make you feel physically good, but it will also prove to you that you can do just about anything.

3. Hire a Tutor

Education is a great way to better yourself.

And even for those who never paid attention in school, adult learning can be the key to unlocking your next life goal, or simply something you do for the love of it.

Teachers To Your Home offer a range of tutors that specialise in teaching all ages and can help you work towards a formal qualification, assist you in learning a language, or simply support your passion for learning. Plus, they offer online sessions that fit perfectly around your busy lifestyle.

This is just a start, but the power rests with you! These are just a few baby steps that will go a long way in creating your best self.

Are you a high-flyer with your own top tips for self-improvement? Share the magic in the comments below!

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