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Sia- A Voice Without a Face


Without a face, she climbed her way to success. With just a voice, she is recognisable. She is Sia! Known for her endless collection of wigs and eye-catching music videos, Sia is a popular Australian singer. She made herself famous with smash hits like ‘Chandelier’ and ‘Elastic Heart’, but there’s more history when it comes to Sia.

Born in Adelaide, Sia Furler moved to England when she was 20 to pursue her career in music. The one devastating event of Sia’s life was the death of her then-boyfriend. Just a week before the couple had to move to UK, her boyfriend was killed in a car accident. To get over this tragic event, she moved to UK after a week. But Sia stills refers to him as ‘the love of her life’.

After performing with a group called Zero 7, she released her first solo record, ‘Healing is Difficult’, which is less known to her current fans. Other records by this artist before becoming so famous are ‘Some People Have Real Problems’ and ‘Colour the Small One’. Once she hit the top chart with songs like ‘Cheap Thrills’ and ‘California Dreamin’, she chose to wear a wig to hide her face. Unlike other celebrities, Sia opted to stay away from the spotlight. One famous group which always loved being in the limelight is Guns N’ Roses! If you want to relive the best concerts of this crew, you can play Guns N’ Roses slots at Aspers Casino Online. You will see the band members rocking the stage while some of their best tunes like ‘November Rain’, ‘Chinese Democracy’ or ‘Sweet Child O’ Mine’ are being played. You will be pleased while playing this game as it is made with top features.

Her career started to flourish when her song featured in the final episode of ‘Six Feet Under’. Sia did not hesitate to tell how important that fame was to her, as it boosted her dying career. After which, she carried on with other music albums, which ranked among the top 30 in US. That success led her to write songs for Christina Aguilera for Bionic. However, due to some personal issues, she stopped singing for a while… And carried on writing songs for famous artists like Madonna, Beyoncé and Rihanna. Rihanna’s song, ‘Diamond’ which hit the top list, was written by Sia!

Few years later, the artist reappeared and she has been doing better than ever! She gained back her stardom with ‘Chandelier’, which made the waves on the pop charts. Her albums, ‘1000 forms of fear’ was released in 2014, and hit the first place on the US charts. Sia earned four Grammy nominations for this top song. Other achievements this artist received are MTV Video Music Award for the Best Choreographer (2014), ARIA Music Award for Best Pop Release (2014), YouTube Music Award (2015), APRA Music Awards for Songwriter of the Year (2015) and NRJ Music Award for International Female Artist of the Year (2015).

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